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Metropolitan's VP Radio Interview with Access radio.
Glenn Nahmias does 1hr. Q&A session on Public Adjuster's for radio station.

Working for our clients to ensure fair settlements

Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau is an INSURANCE LOSS CONSULTING FIRM based in Los Angeles, California specializing in the preparation, presentation and adjustment of fire, vandalism, theft, windstorm, water, hurricane and earthquake damage claims to ensure the insured party receives a fair and equitable settlement per their valid policy. [LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT WE DO] The company has extensive experience in the adjustment of such loss claims. We offer our services in California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Mississippi as well as throughout the United States.

Isn't it about time someone was on your side?

In your time of need, we can help
Catastrophic loss impacts victims emotionally, physically and financially. As a company who has seen from the front lines how difficult this can be, we endeavor to make sure our clients can at the very least move on with the financial resources their insurance provides.

Your staff handled our misfortune with professionalism and courtesy.
Knowing the sensitive and difficult nature of this issue, we were very impressed with how you and your staff handled this case.

Jim Kim
Expo Dyeing & Finishing, Inc.

We represent you to ensure the best outcome
Once engaged by a client, a Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau's representative will attend all meetings with insurance companies and their adjusters, as well as conducting negotiations with the insurance companies, their adjusters, experts and salvors on our clients' behalf, and in our clients' best interests.

Over 100 years of cumulative experience
Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau has the experience and expertise to evaluate the damage to building structures and personal property, as well as preparing estimates and inventories and assessing their values. [LEARN MORE ABOUT WHO WE ARE] All appurtenant items such as pools, spas and landscaping receive attention, in addition to developing any loss of rental value or loss of business income. Ultimately, after completing the above tasks, Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau negotiates a favorable settlement of the loss claim with the insurance companies.

A major catastrophe, doesn't mean the end.

Since 1972, Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau has adjusted thousands of claims on behalf of the insured. All work is performed on a percentage of recovery basis. Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau, Inc. is managed by Nate Nahmias, President and Glenn Nahmias, Vice President.

The night the riot hit us, we slept well after we called Metropolitan. It's reassuring to know you're with the very best!

Gideon Kotzer
Owner "Crazy Gideon's Electronics"

Why choose MAB?
Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau (MAB) has spent over 35 years building a reputation by supplying the personalized attention and representation that our clients' claims demand and deserve. With representitives and adjusters that are fluent in English, Spanish (Español), Korean, Armenian, Persian (Farsi), French (Français), Turkish (Türkçe) and Tagalog, we speak your language to ensure you are informed, involved and understood throughout the settlement process.

We start by commanding the respect and attention of your insurance company, then expertly and efficiently interpreting the intricate language of your policy, informing you of your actual rights as a policy holder, and doing whatever is appropriate to get you the settlement to which you are entitled.

From multi-million dollar manufacturing warehouses to small family business and income property, from single family houses to large estates, MAB has been there and continues to be there every step of the way.

Industry experts, fighting for your best result!

MAB Assurances

  • No Start-up or Retainer Fees:
    It costs you nothing to sign up and get a jump on your insurance claim immediately.
  • Pre-negotiated Percentage-based Fee:
    We receive our fee only as you receive your settlement.
  • Unflagging Persistence and Commitment:
    From the moment we are retained, we get down in the trenches, paying special attention to the minute details needed to document your claim without giving in to the intense pressures that can be brought to bear on unrepresented individuals.
  • Expert Experience and Negotiation Proficiency:
    Our staff has over 100 years of cumulative experience in the field of insurance adjusting.

Learn more about how we can assist with your insurance claim, or contact us for more information.


Have you been effected by the recent windstorms? We can help you get a better settlement for your insurance claims. (818) 905-6800

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