Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau?

We are a fully licensed and bonded public adjusting firm in California that proudly represents the insured in the settlement of homeowner and commercial insurance claims.

What is a public adjuster?

When you experience a catastrophic loss or destruction, your insurance company assigns their own insurance adjuster to reach a settlement with you. As a representative of the insurance company, their main objective is to pay as little as possible on your claim. It’s their job. As expert claims adjusters, we’re on your side and help you reach a settlement and leave behind the complexities quickly.

We are a fully licensed and bonded public adjusting firm in California that proudly represents the insured in the settlement of homeowner and commercial insurance claims.

What types of damages/claims do you specialize in?

We specialize in fire, earthquake, theft, vandalism, hurricane, tornado, wind and water damage claims.

What states do you service?

While our firm is based in Los Angeles, California, we service 11 states in total, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

What type of results can I expect?

An average, Metropolitan clients net a 35-75% increase on their settlement than they would have received otherwise.

Why do I need Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau?

Insurance companies pay AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. Just as you would go to an accountant to handle an audit, Metropolitan is here to sift through the flood of bureaucratic procedures, red tape and countless unforeseen headaches that come with settling an insurance claim.

What will Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau do for me?

Our sole task is to handle the arduous job of settling your insurance claim in a fair and timely manner. From the difficult and emotional jobs of boarding-up and repairing your property and taking a full and detailed inventory to delivery of your final check, Metropolitan is there guiding the process, persistently working side by side with you and your insurance company’s claims adjuster. Our well trained, state licensed and bonded staff makes sure your loss is given the immediate attention and continual review that it deserves until it is concluded.

Doesn’t my insurance company already have people who do this?

Your insurance company can supply you with their own in-house insurance adjuster who may seem agreeable in processing your insurance claim but, more times than not, he/she will prove inefficient in getting you paid for what you consider to be the fair value of your loss. Remember, your insurance company’s adjuster serves his/her company, not you.

What sets Metropolitan apart from other public adjusting firms?

Metropolitan has built a reputation on supplying the personalized attention your insurance claim deserves. Backed up by support and services ranging from structural and geotechnical engineers and construction estimators, as well as environmental technicians, fungus and mold specialists, and forensic accountants, we are perfectly integrated and in touch with the community of experts you will most likely need in the process of settling your claim. Unlike other firms and insurance adjusters, the Metropolitan representative assessing your claim on the first day of the loss will see you through the project’s entire lifespan until your settlement is completed.

What will Metropolitan’s services cost me?

Metropolitan’s fee is based on a small percentage of your total settlement which is payable only when you receive your reimbursement. We get paid after you get paid.

I prefer to speak in a language other than English.

Absolutely. Our multi-lingual staff and adjusters speak over 9 languages, including Armenian, English, Farsi, French, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

At what point should I retain Metropolitan's services?

IMMEDIATELY. Most frequently, insured parties do nothing and wait to see what the insurance company offers them. Only after considerable frustration does the insured turn to the public adjuster to remedy what has become a logistical nightmare of paperwork and substandard offers. We can always help, however, are unable to do as much as we would have been from the beginning. The sooner you retain us, the sooner we can fight for you. Get the jump on your insurance claim now.